Sevras Atoll

Named for the explorer that first found the hidden gem of a cove, the city of Sevras Atoll stands strong as a mercantile hub for the region.

The harbor itself is ringed by two sheer mountains of granite and shale, with twin lighthouses atop to alert oceanfaring captains. Many rusted cages hang along the sheer walls of the inner harbor, a reminder that the justice of Sevras Atoll is swift and merciless.

Perched high atop one of the steep peaks, the Dominance of Sevras Atoll houses the local government, a Council of 8. The council decides matters large and small, debating for consensus. It is comprised of two judges, two of the merchant’s guild, two of the local nobility, the Harbor Master, and the Constable. The Harbor Master was a title once conferred to the leader of the city, who actually did hold the job. Now, the Harbor Master sits as the ruling vote in case of ties, a Duke or Baron without the title.

Further down the slopes of the twin peaks, the lavish homes of the gentry fade into the shanties and abodes of the common dock workers and merchants.

From the North gates, Adventurers will encounter a number of shops and market areas, including the main square at Watchtower Market. The wares are shipped up from the harbor in bulk, merchants buy and then load their wagons for the outlying regions. The Maiden’s Tear is known as being friendly to mercenaries and Pathfinder groups, no questions asked as long as the coin is good.

Places of note:
Watchtower Market – Named for the single spire raised in the middle, which warns of attacks so the merchants can stow their gear. Now defunct, as there hasn’t been actual attack on Sevras Atoll in generations.

The Maiden’s Tear – adventurer’s inn, placed near the docks as well as the exit to town.

Shipwill’s Sundry – known far and wide as one of the best places to gear up before hitting the fringes of civilization, located near the Maiden’s Tear.

One-Eyed Ivan’s – a local blacksmith of some regional renown. Rumor has it he lost his eye to a dragon.
The Dominance – huge, circular building that is the center of Sevras Atoll’s local governance.

Known factions:

The Council of 8 – the ruling body of Sevras Atoll.

The College – a collection of eccentrics bound together by their love of magic.

The Merchant’s Guild – a collective of men who’s business interests coincide. Known to possess the most capital in the capitol.

The Dark Hand – rumored name of the thieves guild, a shadowy group associated with the Robber Baron himself, an infamous figure in Sevras Atoll’s recent history, thought to have retired.

Common Rumors

There have been rumors of a pale man haunting the streets at night, and is superstitiously held as an omen of bad luck by the dock workers and common folk.

The gentry and Council are squabbling again, as always. This time is different, however, as all of the shouting has been behind closed doors.

Sevras Atoll

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