Raven's Bluff

Session 3 - screwball antics and bandits

>> written in a hasty scrawl, in Khent’s journal <<
These bandits, they have no style. A bunch of thugs and hoodlums. Today, we stopped them from taking a caravan, tomorrow we assault their camp. But I am ahead of myself.

The return from the Druid’s Lair was relatively uneventful. The guard at the World’s End stable was bored, and watched over us unpacking the loot. We divvied it all, and sold the excess to pull in a tidy profit for ourselves. We still have the Druid’s handywork itself, his flowers and poisonous oddities, yet to sell, but they may also prove useful. The dark elf knows the alchemical arts, after all. Maybe he can manufacture some of that famed sleep poison… now that would be useful.

There was a complication at the trading post, with the barbarian losing his temper. However, we smoothed things out. Note to self: remember not to mess with little old men, with pointy ears and fangs.

There was a personally interesting experience for me as well, in town. A presumably ancient seer, who appeared as delicious as a succubus, read my fortune for free, for intriguing her. Old treacheries and wounds to return, the wardship of a relative innocent, and an ancient compact swirls intrigue around us. Feh, prophecy! The Baron’s daughter.. it has been a while since I have thought of her though. Perhaps a missive wouldn’t be a bad idea, once we’ve returned to town. It’s about time to start facing the past.

We hired a local ranger to guide and help us. It’s been a day since then. We found a group of bandits assaulting a caravan, having killed the horses first. Senseless killing, but created an opportunity. Once we heartily dispatched the bandits, having captured one trying to escape. Bob the ranger has proven his worth, even if the ignoramus could offer no good information.

Also note, the Barbarian has strange tastes. Sleep with back against tree, and invest in a chastity belt. His aggression may lead to ruin, if we cannot focus it.

We have found the way now, and tomorrow we will assault their camp. The bandit mentioned the boss, who was a master of whips (an interesting challenge!), and his pets, which he could not identify. Approximately 30 bandits total, loosely organized, little to no watch. We plan two parties.. frontal assault with maximal aggression, and a stealth side-group to target the leader and cause havoc. This aught to be fun.

>> written in a slightly different hand <<
We had a visit by the Fool. He played us a ditty, ate our food, and went on his way. Keep an eye on that musician. I’ve seen his face too often to feel comfortable. Also, pulling sealing wax out of your ears is unpleasant.

Paluda? Pagoda? Who cares

>found written in a leather-bound diary, travel worn and ink smudged. The text picks up from the prior page<

.. The fight was fierce, yet we survived the druid’s nasty little scythe-like tree, and its guardians. There were a few minor injuries, but nothing a little magical healing couldn’t take care of.
It was at this point the group decided to loot the lair of its treasure, an action I fully encouraged and supported. We pulled up a number of chests, presumably the bandit’s payoffs for the druid’s services, along with the harvest of a number of floral ingredients that could prove useful later. The small sleep-inducing flowers gave us a few problems initially, and we left two rooms for later: a room with fungus that had tentacles like whips, and a room full of beautiful, silvery flowers that bespoke danger in their allure. The group felt it prudent to move onward, in hopes of alluding the quill-spined Paluda.
As the remains of the group – composed of the bard, the magister, and myself – returned with our valuable haul, a creature of pure hatred tried to block our path. Its autumnal leaves and frosty aura were overwhelming, and after an initial volley, a few of us ran out the door in terror. Thankfully it was dispatched once the group outside heard the noise.
I still have a black eye where that twice-damned barbarian punched me though. Magical fear is nothing to scoff at. Note to self, need to find magic to stop this from happening again.
Just as we loaded the wagon, and began to pull out, three basilisks entered the clearing, running past. A fierce roar was heard in the woods behind us, and the Paluda itself crawled over the hillside. It was a beast with a weakness that we knew of, it’s tail.
Without waiting for more of a plan, the barbarian made for the treeline, hoping to circle it. The rest of us provided ample distraction for the beast as he lept from the copse of trees behind the creature, viciously swinging his great sword to sever its tail. Blood fountained, and he found himself riding the pseudo-dragon’s quills. How he is still a man, I don’t know. I guess the legends about barbarian’s ice-cold rocks are true?
The beast bled out in about a minute, harming us but leaving no lasting damage. Even the famed poison of the beast proved that we can’t always trust legends to assess our situation.
A quarter of a day’s walk, following the trail of devastation, we found a very nice treasure that the Paluda had horded. Ale all around when we get back into town.
Now, we’re riding back to town, the bandit’s supply of poisons assuredly gone. In this, and in
wealth, the mission was a success. It will fund the next step in the plan.

>in a hasty scrawl at the bottom of the page, another quick note is found<
Watch the skies.
Strange wagon just moved past us, being pulled by huge, grey beasts. I have a hunch we’ll see this again.

begin meta game section——————-
Jason : 3990
Keith : 4140
David : 3890
Chris : 3840
Terry : 2880
Bryan : 2560

small chest 1:
1500 cp = 15 gp
430 sp = 43 gp
small chest 2:
1100 cp = 11 gp
1000 sp = 100 gp
small chest 3:
10 pp = 100 gp
450 gp = 450 gp
500 sp = 50 gp
small chest 4:
41 pp = 410 gp
327 gp = 327 gp
400 sp = 40 gp
small chest 5:
1500 sp = 150 gp
1000 cp = 10 gp
22pp = 220 gp
333 pp = 3330 gp
1480 sp = 148 gp
3700 cp = 37 gp
medium chest:
5000 cp = 50 gp

CASH MONEY 5491 gp
(406 pp, 777 gp, 5,310 sp, 12,300 cp)

a chrysoberl (gem) 100? gp
a clear quartz (gem) 50? gp
sard (gem) 50? gp
blue quartz (gem) 10? gp
Jet (gem) 100? gp
zircon (gem) 50? gp
azurite (gem) 10? gp
pearl (gem) 100? gp
red-brown spinel (gem) 100? gp
golden yellow topaz (gem) 500? gp
moonstone (gem) 50? gp
blue quartz 10? gp

GEMS (approximate) 1130? gp – actual value TBD

tower shield 30 gp
chain shirt 100 gp
repeating light crossbow 250 gp
climber’s kit 80 gp
falchion 75 gp
explorer’s outfit 10 gp
spear 2 gp
sling -
shortbow, composite 75 gp
Merchant’s scale 2 gp
pick 3 gp


2 scrolls ??
4 scrolls ??

“magic” greatsword ??
“magic” rapier ??

2 potions of (unidentified) ??
potion of (unidentified) ??

potion of (unidentified) ??
potion of (unidentified) ??

potion of (unidentified) ??
potion of (unidentified) ??

potion of (unidentified) ??
potion of (unidentified) ??

3 scythes ??
chest (locked) ??

jeweled dagger ??
loose gems, jewelry,and gold ??

bracelet ??
2 pairs of earrings ??

small silver raven statue ??
belt ??

5 spiders ??
4 spider webs ??

14 black lotus flowers ??
3 ‘sleep’ plants ??

15 peluda quills ????



In the Beginning...

The first session starts with the characters all enjoying a drink in the World’s End Tavern in Raven’s Bluff. A bard plays some music, a fire roars, drinks pour, and dice fly. At this point the characters are, for the most part, blissfully unaware of each other’s existence.

All of a sudden, “Boom!” the door goes flying off its hinges and the gunslinger “Lucky” comes sliding into the tavern, guns blazing. Chaos ensues. Thor kills a gnome with a hammer to the back of the head in order to get the pot in his game of dice and Khent practices the art of the human shield.

Somehow, the tavern’s bard paralyzes everyone with his music and the town watch arrests everyone. After cooling their heels in jail for the night, meeting each other, and coming to a business arrangement, the newly formed party is released in the morning. Insulting comments are made to the captain of the guard, and the party is on its merry way to find a Druid and cut off a local gang of thugs’ supply of poisons.

After nearly fighting hill giants, a dragon, and the Chicken of Bristol our merry band of adventurers arrive at the foot of the druid’s mountain. Upon reaching his lair, the druid was found dead, perforated with giant quills of some sort.

After perusing the Druid’s logs, it became apparent that he was slain by a peluda, a pseudo dragon with a quill-launching tail. The party then entered the lower levels of the Druid’s lair and found many greenhouse type rooms filled with the plants he was using to make his poisons. Spiders were found and slain in a room behind a metal door. A final metal door was found and the players entered a large room with multiple pumpkins and a large tree in the middle of an underground river.

Thor opened hostilities by dispatching of the first “pumpkin” (actually a jack-o-lantern monster) with a stroke followed by an attack of opportunity when the creature fumbled. Varinool then fireballed the tree and the fight was on!


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