Raven's Bluff

In the Beginning...

The first session starts with the characters all enjoying a drink in the World’s End Tavern in Raven’s Bluff. A bard plays some music, a fire roars, drinks pour, and dice fly. At this point the characters are, for the most part, blissfully unaware of each other’s existence.

All of a sudden, “Boom!” the door goes flying off its hinges and the gunslinger “Lucky” comes sliding into the tavern, guns blazing. Chaos ensues. Thor kills a gnome with a hammer to the back of the head in order to get the pot in his game of dice and Khent practices the art of the human shield.

Somehow, the tavern’s bard paralyzes everyone with his music and the town watch arrests everyone. After cooling their heels in jail for the night, meeting each other, and coming to a business arrangement, the newly formed party is released in the morning. Insulting comments are made to the captain of the guard, and the party is on its merry way to find a Druid and cut off a local gang of thugs’ supply of poisons.

After nearly fighting hill giants, a dragon, and the Chicken of Bristol our merry band of adventurers arrive at the foot of the druid’s mountain. Upon reaching his lair, the druid was found dead, perforated with giant quills of some sort.

After perusing the Druid’s logs, it became apparent that he was slain by a peluda, a pseudo dragon with a quill-launching tail. The party then entered the lower levels of the Druid’s lair and found many greenhouse type rooms filled with the plants he was using to make his poisons. Spiders were found and slain in a room behind a metal door. A final metal door was found and the players entered a large room with multiple pumpkins and a large tree in the middle of an underground river.

Thor opened hostilities by dispatching of the first “pumpkin” (actually a jack-o-lantern monster) with a stroke followed by an attack of opportunity when the creature fumbled. Varinool then fireballed the tree and the fight was on!


And there was pwnage to be found! Testing out features, and post-op, exps and loot list coming.

In the Beginning...

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